My Meadow Park Community Blog is Now Going To Be a Free Site on WordPress

I have decided to let the registered domain name: become open and available. Perhaps there is someone living in Meadow Park who wants to continue where I left off. It makes no sense for me to be the owner of this domain name as I no longer live in Meadow Park or in Novato, CA. I will never return either.

However the entire content of this blog will still be visible on the internet at this address:, on or after February 19, 2020.

I am sure that Google search will still find this original blog for those who need some information. I am letting it all go as I move forward in my real life in Yuma, AZ, USA. I hope that this blog helps some for that is why I created it. There is no reason to contact me now as I am completely out of date with current happenings in Meadow Park.

I continue to blog regularly on my web site as I continue purging spiritual energies into our Universe. I am a Universe Family Healer now. That is what I do these days. Meadow Park is a part of my healing journey that is far in the past for me. But you still will always find the truth here. There is nothing but the truth on my blogs. Truth rules our world now and forever that shall be.


Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer

Final Post: Kind Words From An Associate

I just realized that I never thanked Nate Hargitt (VP Exxell Fire Systems) publically for all of the time he spent with me when we were trying to make our fire sprinkler systems safe and functional. As of now, I have no idea if those systems were ever repaired in Meadow Park. When I left I knew that the systems had been inspected and many needed repairs. Hopefully those repairs have been done.

Here is a very kind Letter of Recommendation I received from Nate dated December 10, 2015:  Natesletter

Thank You Nate Hargitt. I am very happy on this day, August 14, 2018 that I inserted your letter on this blog. It is the right place for all to see and read.

I spent so much time on my community blog. I plan to leave it as is for anyone anywhere to view. I will always leave it open and public. Hopefully it will do some good some day.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer

February 8, 2019

As a side note, I know I will never ever be involved with any HOAs again. I learned the truth about HOAS when I lived in CA and know that this is not the way for me to live.

I will become a homeowner again, but this time it will be in my homeland, Yuma, AZ,  USA, with no HOAs in sight anywhere.

See me at, 5+ years and going strong!



I Remain the Owner of the Domain

Although I no longer live in the Meadow Park Townhome community in Novato, CA, I continue to be the owner of this blog’s domain name.  I have recently made this blog public again so that it is available to anyone anywhere who wants to know the truth.

Julia Angel

Previous owner of 44 Captain Nurse Circle, Novato CA

You may reach me for comments or questions at:

or visit my other site where I blog regularly:

I am Leaving Meadow Park

I am moving out of this community soon. I have achieved what I set out to do.. I created the awareness of what was really going on here… My blog did that… But, I am no longer an Owner here so I am not going to be public anymore about what I am doing or did… My whistleblowing activities are over and now I am quiet and private… After all, isn’t that what a real whistleblower does? Goes away from all the problems when the truth is told?  Of course, so that is what I am doing now…

I am simply letting it all go and moving away… I know that this was not my real home, but just a temporary place for me and my family to heal and live for awhile… And that time is over…

Good Bye Meadow Park…

My Home Was Illegally Sold at an Auction on October 10

It was a scam.. I notified Hello Housing about this, but Program Manager Matt Warner did not do anything except attend the auction in San Rafael, CA  and purchase my home “so that another family could live here”…

As a result, I am leaving Meadow Park forever… I will not return or ever be here in Marin County again…I tried to make things better here, but got very little help..

It seems that this is really a dead place and even I could not make it much better…It is certainly not the right place for me and my family to live any longer…

I am done here….

Captain Nurse Circle Needs “How to Access and Use” Labels on Our Fire Extinguisher Cabinets!

UPDATE 12/04/15:

This blog is now private and protected. I am updating that the labels were finally put on the outside of the fire extinguisher cabinets here on Captain Nurse Circle. This is what the label looks like below:

This fire extinguisher cabinet has a label, but we do not have them here on Captain Nurse Circle yet...

“In case of fire, pull handle firmly”

UPDATE 10/26/15:

North Cal Fire Equipment did not install anything yet.

UPDATE 10/17/15:

Nothing happened his week. The fire extinguishers and cabinets were not serviced as I was told they would be by Andy, the owner of the North Cal Fire Equipment Company…Just updating here and keeping track of this situation…

UPDATE 10/08/15:

Just received a phone call from Andy, the owner of North Cal Fire Equipment, LLC. This is the company that maintains our fire extinguishers here in Meadow Park… He told me that labels have been ordered for all the fire extinguisher cabinets on Captain Nurse Circle and will be installed next week!

I say this is a victory for me as it  seemed nearly impossible to have this important safety feature addressed properly on our fire extinguishers here on Captain Nurse Circle… It was only due to my persistent blogging and emailing that this has finally resolved the right way…I remain the Fire Safety Committee of one for Meadow Park homeowners…

UPDATE 09/28/15:

One year ago, in September 2014, I made a very important post concerning our fire extinguishers. Now, we are due for the yearly inspection and maintenance of these fire extinguishers…Thankfully, there has not been any fire emergencies on my street… But, the fire extinguisher cabinets remain unlabeled and locked up and we do not have access to the keys… I am making this update here and now and putting it on the front page of my blog so others can be informed about this… It is something that the management of our HOA has chosen to ignore.. In fact, I was told this in an email from Wakefield Sharp:

“The Board of Directors for Meadow Park has considered the cost and currently
allows homeowners interested in replacing stickers on fire extinguisher
boxes to do so themselves.”

First of all, I am not sure that the Board of Directors really discussed this at all..Many times Wakefield Sharp has made important decisions without consulting the Board… So I do believe this is an outright lie…

Secondly, there is nothing to replace! The labels were never installed initially.

What a bad property management company this is! Do we really want them to continue here? No way!

I am not doing anything except posting the reality that our fire extinguishers remain non user-friendly.  I am not responsible for a poorly installed fire extinguisher cabinet. Other fire extinguisher cabinets located in the Meadow Park community are properly labeled but not the ones here on Captain Nurse Circle!

A poor installation was allowed to occur and never got fixed….

All fire extinguishers in Meadow Park should be at the same level of use… And this lack of equality is happening still…A very poor management company is trying to put this on the homeowners… We are not to be blamed for this.. It needs to be fixed and done right…


Now that the HOA is in the fire safety mode (finally!), I am bringing up another issue that I discussed  last year here on my blog:

That post was made in September 2014, over 5 months ago and nothing happened!… Our fire extinguishers are checked and replaced every year. This is a law here in California, USA. What I found last year was that there is a big difference in the labeling of the fire extinguisher cabinets here in Meadow Park. For example, our locked fire extinguisher cabinets here on Captain Nurse Circle do not have any labeling which shows how to easily access the locked fire extinguisher in an emergency. This is what they look like here on Captain Nurse Circle:

Typical locked up Meadow Park Fire extinguisher- not user friendly!!! No labeling on how to use!

Typical locked up Meadow Park Fire extinguisher not user-friendly!!! No labeling on how to use!

But, all of the fire extinguisher cabinets in the other five Meadow Park neighborhoods have labeling on the cabinets. See below:

This fire extinguisher cabinet has a label, but we do not have them here on Captain Nurse Circle yet...

This fire extinguisher cabinet has a label, and it is found this way in all of the other neighborhoods in Meadow Park. But we do not have them labeled here on Captain Nurse Circle yet…


The Fire Marshal kindly shared with me by email what the label looks like and although he said this is not a state requirement to have these cabinets labeled, the Novato Fire District highly recommends that the cabinets be labeled.. This never happened! I am bringing it up again because it needs to be done right….We need to have this labeling done on our fire extinguisher cabinets here on Captain Nurse Circle ASAP…

So, I sent an email to the fire extinguisher company (North-Cal Fire Equipment LLC) yesterday. It is important that our fire extinguisher access is at the same level as other neighborhoods in Meadow Park and right now, we are at a clear disadvantage…Here is the business card from the technician (Frank Stagnaro) I spoke with last year:

Frank's Business Card

Frank’s Business Card

And, in an emergency it is vitally important to have this labeling easily and readily available. In an emergency, you do not want to try to figure out how to open the fire extinguisher cabinet to access the fire extinguisher. But here on Captain Nurse Circle there are no instructions or labels as of this day, 02/10/15,  and we discussed this problem almost 6 months ago.

Below is the email once more from Novato Fire Marshal B/C Bill Tyler regarding this labeling situation:

from: Bill Tyler <>
to: Julia Angel <>
date: Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 5:03 PM
subject: Fire Extinguisher locked cabinets
: Important mainly because of the people in the conversation

Hi Julia:

This photo was taken by the Property management company of another extinguisher located in the complex. NFD has spoken to the property management regarding the code requirements and the options that they have regarding this situation.

Although this one has a sign on it with instructions on opening the cabinet, it is not required by code to be installed. We are recommending that they install signage on all of the cabinets.

I have attached a copy of the code section and the SFM interpretation on the subject.

B/C Bill Tyler, Fire Marshal

Novato Fire District


Label for our fire extinguishers. This is located on some others in our community but not here on Captain Nurse Circle as of yet...

A label for our fire extinguishers. This is located on some others in our community but not here on Captain Nurse Circle as of yet…


Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Info

Now, I am hoping that this problem will be taken care of in a very responsible and expedient manner. It has been a problem for way too long and was never done correctly since the initial installation. As with other areas of fire safety concern, this is one more little problem that can easily be cleaned up with the cooperation of the HOA management.. I hope that it gets done right this time and soon…

Even though the California state law DOES NOT REQUIRE  locked fire extinguisher cabinets, here in Meadow Park, ours are locked! So either UNLOCK them or LABEL them, do something please!

Another Board Meeting 09/15/15: Fire Sprinkler Systems Discussed Again and Again….

10/26/15 UPDATE:

Still no evidence that our fire sprinkler systems are being repaired here on Captain Nurse Circle.

10/15/15 UPDATE:

It was one month ago today that the last HOA board meeting was held. So far there is no evidence anywhere to indicate that our fire sprinkler systems are being repaired finally!

On and on this goes without a conclusion… What is taking so long here? This inspection was Board approved last November 2014 and we are fast approaching a one year anniversary next month since the Board’s approval date and our fire sprinkler systems still are not repaired and certified…Now how long are we supposed to wait patiently and silently? Are we being unreasonable here?

The Board needs to take a positive step and get the repairs approved and started ASAP…Wakefield Sharp stalls and gives no support in getting this accomplished… Wakefield Sharp has stood in the way too long… Fire them and approve the repairs…

Meadow Park homeowners deserve excellent customer service and we are not getting that at all… We can certainly pay another management company who would be happy to ensure us that this repair process moves quickly along… Imagine that!


There is no news to update about…One week after the most recent board meeting and silence reigns again… Exxell Fire Systems has not been contacted at all …The board meeting minutes remain missing… There is nothing being said anywhere… I did ask for some help from Eric Lucan, Novato City Council member and he forwarded my emails along to the City Manager’s office… That is all I can say today… The wait continues to have our fire sprinkler systems repaired and certified…Hopefully, we will not have a fire emergency occur while we wait and wait for the repair work to be approved…


Hey, I just wanted to add that the meeting agenda for yesterday’s board  meeting was supposedly put on the HOA’s website on 09/09/15, but this is being very deceiving. It was not posted on that date.  There was no meeting agenda posted there on 09/09/15….

It was posted there yesterday (09/15/15) and the date was changed to make it look like it was posted on the 9th…

Naughty, naughty, naughty… We all know that you guys do things the wrong way over and over..

And the minutes remain missing…. Where are they?



Today is another Meadow Park Board meeting (ho-hum). I posted the agenda here because it was not made available on the HOA’s website. Wakefield Sharp only does as little as possible to get the word out. They put about three or four copies of this agenda in two hanging files around Meadow Park. One of those hanging files happens to be just down the street from Captain Nurse Circle so I usually check there if nothing is found online…And usually I am the only one who has accessed this location…

I personally do not attend any Board meetings like most of the homeowners here. But I do like to be kept informed of what is happening…That is my right as a homeowner…I am not required to go to the meetings just to find out what is happening…

So, I found the agenda last Friday, took a copy of it, and scanned it for posting…Now anyone can see it right here on my blog.. And, here on my blog, you do not need a username or password to see the agenda..

But again, this is not the kind of customer service we deserve… We pay Wakefield Sharp every month for their management services… We expect them to provide a guaranteed level of service for their fees. We do not get that guaranteed service..

Meeting minutes are not posted in a timely manner.. Now they will have many excuses about this, but the situation remains that meeting minutes are not posted anywhere for the public to see…The last minutes that are posted right now are from March 2015!!

So, it is very hard to really know what is going on in this place.. And it is because we have very little customer service from this management company, Wakefield Sharp. And until this management company is changed, communications will continue to be poor in our HOA and community… That is reality right now…

When I tried to advertise my blog, I was shut down by this group in control… They (Wakefield Sharp) paid this guy to roam around and remove my flyers from the mailboxes throughout Meadow Park..They do not want anyone to know about my blog because all I do is post the truth….And corrupt businesses like Wakefield Sharp do not like the truth to be told…Shameful…

This is the agenda for the September 2015 Meadow Park board of Directors meeting...I found this in the hanging file on Bolling Drive.. it is not posted on the HOA's website..

This is the agenda for the September 2015 Meadow Park Board of Directors meeting. I found this in the hanging file on Bolling Drive. it is not posted on the HOA’s website anywhere…

Landscape Maintenance Obligations and the HOA: One More Time

10/26/15 Update:

Nothing has changed.. I still do not see anything happening here the right way… There has not been any change … I continue to do my landscaping obligations per CC&R 4.2… I see my neighbor performing this function… but no one else is here around me….Not even the Meadow Park board member across the street.. I do see him chatting all the time with Jenson landscapers and asking them to perform tasks that he is responsible to do…I am only stating the truth as a viable witness…

10/15/15 Update:

CC&R 4.2:

4.2 Owners Landscaping Obligations. Each Owner shall maintain the landscaping within any Exclusive Use Common Area patio appurtenant to the Owner’s Condominium in a healthy and weed-free condition and shall be responsible for the periodic pruning of any trees and the removal of any diseased or overgrown trees or any trees with root systems that are damaging any Common Area or Association Property improvement.

The Meadow Park HOA continues to overcharge all Meadow Park homeowners for landscape maintenance which is our responsibility to perform! This is totally unbelievable but true….This practice has been going on for a very long time and continues to this day…Years and years have gone by as if this was the right way to do things here…. It is not the right way and never was from the beginning!

Every time there is a new landscape maintenance company hired, a contract is signed and this management company Wakefield Sharp tells them to do all of the landscape maintenance in Meadow Park . Wakefield Sharp has continually ignored our rules!!! Wakefield Sharp acts like we are a rental community instead a community of homeowners…

This illegal activity has not stopped…I continue to document this total ignorance of our CC&R 4.2…. I follow all of our CC&R rules…Wakefield Sharp ignores them and in fact has hired their attorney to change our CC&R rules! That is pure criminal behavior happening right now…

I do not stop performing the Owner landscape maintenance which is required of me…I also pay the very high assessment fees of 233.00 per month. I am continually being overcharged! The HOA owes me so much money!


Well over ten years we have been here and we are treated like stupid people by the management company… The management has a mind-set that makes them feel they are in control of us.. They are better off managing a group of rental apartments.. They are not the right property management company for us.. They are liars and corrupted businessmen. They have not done a good job for us here in Meadow Park… They owe us a lot of money for not following our rules….

Are you being told that you do not have any landscape maintenance obligations? Are you a real Owner in the Meadow Park community? If you have answered yes to both of these questions, then you are being told incorrect information. I started working on this problem several years ago in this community and I still see a lack of responsibility in the Owners for this maintenance requirement. I see nothing being done by most Owners. I see them ignoring their landscape maintenance responsibilities all of the time, including board members! This is shameful but true..

And why is this happening? It is only because the HOA management (the contracted property management company Wakefield Sharp) is telling the landscape maintenance company Jensen to do all of the landscape maintenance in our Meadow Park community. Now again, this means that I am being overcharged every month because they are  ignoring our rules. And it is the management’s fault and no one else. They continue to do this on and on and no one is stopping them. They have misspent our monies for many years now…Just think how little we would have to pay every month to the HOA if Owners were following their landscape maintenance obligations…

They (Wakefield Sharp) never said anything else to the Owners in any mailing. They never told the Owners that the Meadow Park Owners have a responsibility to maintain the landscaping attached to their patios, front and back. Instead they deny and ignore our rules and make invalid contracts that cost the Owners way too much money…The Owners should be doing their landscape maintenance obligations and this would cut down our landscape maintenance costs greatly. RIght now we pay Jensen $16,00.00 per month! If we all did our required landscape maintenance, this cost would be cut in half easily, if not more…We are not a retirement community… We are a community of hard-working families, Owners not renters….

We need to get rid of Wakefield Sharp. They have not been giving us the customer service we deserve. They cost us more money all the time. They are not doing a good job…They ignore our CC&Rs and do what they want. They waste our money! We need to fire them ASAP!

Yes, even some of  the Meadow Park board members do not like that fact that CC&R 4.2 exists…Here is what you currently see when you try to access the HOA’s website. There is no way here for Owners to interact as the message boards were removed and never replaced…

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

Meadow Park Website Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

We have a corrupt board and management company running our HOA.

Here is CC&R 4.2 once again:

4.2 Owners Landscaping Obligations. Each Owner shall maintain the landscaping within any Exclusive Use Common Area patio appurtenant to the Owner’s Condominium in a healthy and weed-free condition and shall be responsible for the periodic pruning of any trees and the removal of any diseased or overgrown trees or any trees with root systems that are damaging any Common Area or Association Property improvement.

This just means that the landscaped area that is attached to our front and back patios is our (the Owners) responsibility to maintain. That means to weed it and water it and replace the planting materials as needed! That means if tree roots are interfering in any way, the Owner is responsible to clean it up! This is the place where the planting materials and other important landscaping information is listed:

This CC&R rule 4.2 has never been enforced by the management of the Meadow Park HOA. And as a result, we have this huge monthly payment to these ridiculous landscape maintenance companies like Jensen: $16,000.00 month! That amount could be reduced signficantly if we all did our part and followed the 4.2 CC&R..

Instead, when I tried to bring this matter forward I was harassed and bullied! I tried to communicate to other Owners and was not given any support.

It's a New Day in Meadow Park!

It’s a New Day in Meadow Park!

The Meadow Park Community Blog flyer which was removed from all the owner occupied mailboxes.

The Meadow Park Community Blog flyer which was removed from all the owner occupied mailboxes.

I am only stating this all once again, because the problem keeps repeating itself. And so I go forward with my lawsuit..

I have no fears. I follow all the rules and pay my monthly dues. I am not behind. I am not a dead beat owner. I have no legal problems here, but the HOA management has a lot of legal problems pending….Because they are not following our CC&Rs! This is a joke…They are a joke!

Jensen Landscape Maintenance Company Mishandles Landscape Irrigation System Testing on Captain Nurse Circle- Sprinklers Left On Over 9 Hours!

UPDATE: 10/14/15

I am posting this also as a page so that it is easily seen and viewed by the public. I want to make sure the public is aware that this incident occurred on Captain Nurse Circle. I am hoping that we were not made to pay for the extra high water bill as a result of the landscape company’s  negligence when they tested the sprinklers in April….Jensen should have paid this bill, not the Meadow Park homeowners…


AT 7:39 PM, 04/03/15, the sprinklers behind buildings 2 and 4 on Captain Nurse Circle were finally turned off…It took Jensen over 2 hours to get here after they were first notified… And of course, they act like it is no big deal, a “stuck” valve.. Well, why didn’t that get detected this morning? Since the sprinklers were all being tested, these sprinklers should have been turned off manually before the worker left our street. Instead, these sprinklers behind my building 4 and building 2 were not checked at all.  They were just left on, since about 10AM.

If they had checked the sprinklers and found a stuck valve at 10 AM, then it would have already been repaired….But, since they (Jensen) did not do their job, they allowed over 9 hours of continuous irrigation! And this was not just one sprinkler but MANY!…

Poor excuses and low marks for this new landscape maintenance company that was just approved in January by the Meadow Park HOA Board of Directors as our new landscape maintenance contracter…I wonder what other “mistakes ” are being made by them?

04/03/15  5:15 PM:

This morning, the irrigation system was finally turned back on for my building. They were testing the sprinklers.  I noticed how quickly Jensen did this. They just switched them on and off very quickly without doing a walk around to visually see if they were all working.. That was mid morning, 04/03/15. I noticed just now as I went to back of my building that sprinklers were left on behind and in between buildings 2 and 4. It is now 5:16 PM. So this area of sprinklers were not manually turned off during the sprinkler inspection. The Jensen people were negligent this morning and left these on….

Now this is a horrible mishandling of our irrigation system and a huge waste of water  that these landscape maintenance people from Jensen caused. They did not do a thorough job at all to see if the sprinklers were on or off, and as a result, our water bill is going to be way up there at no fault of our own. When irrigation systems are tested, there must be accountability for the system to be turned off properly.. This was not done today by Jensen. They were totally negligent in their follow-up of the sprinkler testing on Captain Nurse Circle…

I called Jensen myself and found their emergency number to be: 707-249-4164. I called them at 5:18 PM and left a message and still no response at 5:40 PM. I also made a valid work order to Wakefield Sharp about this incident. This is what I reported to Wakefield Sharp:

“I am reporting that a big problem happened today with the irrigation system here on Captain Nurse Circle. It is now 5:15 PM and I just went in the back of my home and noticed the sprinklers are still on behind building 2 and in between building 2 and 4. These were initially put on late morning. This is not good….I contacted the Jensen after hours emergency number just now at (707) 249-4164 and I hope that he responds and turns these sprinklers off.. I am sending this to you as documentation of my work order..We should not be paying for this big mistake by Jensen…All those guys did was a quick test of the sprinklers and no follow-up and now a big irrigation bill has been caused by their negligence…”

I also called Wakefield Sharp’s after hours number (415-382-1100) and left a message regarding this landscape irrigation emergency…

I even contacted one of the board of director’s, Treasurer Roger Burstrem just now because he lives right across the street from me. I told him about the irrigation problem. I told him I do not know how to turn off the sprinklers and he said “No, you should not do that”……

This is such a sloppy job and very irresponsible of this Jensen company. I am reporting this now because I want it well documented that it happened and is still going on right now at 6:44 PM. Those sprinklers are still on behind and in between buildings 2 and 4 on Captain Nurse Circle. Come on over and take a look for yourself!

I do not know when they will be turned off. I did as much as any responsible Owner can do in this situation. I have no idea how to turn off those sprinklers…. And I am not going to even try. I am simply telling everyone what is happening right now…

Maybe Jensen is not the right company for us. They immediately used herbicides everywhere and did nothing more that. I do not like how they do things…They seem to love those mowers that they ride around on more than anything else…They are irresponsible with our irrigation system! And in this drought time too, this cannot be tolerated one little bit..

THEY ARE OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY!…Really, Board of Directors, is this the right landscape maintenance company for us?They  are costing us a lot of money, way more than $16,000.00 per month. Look at those water bills go sky high…


I am the Witness Who Tells the Truth!

October 25, 2015:

For security reasons and the safety of me and my family, I have made this blog private and protected… I will continue to update the posts as I feel necessary for my own protection. but it will remain private for only those who I feel need to see its contents…And right now that person is only me!

October 11, 2015:

Being a whistleblower in this crazy, spiritually set up world is not easy! But I have provided that function and have done quite well as a result… The only reason I have done so well with my truth-telling is that I am a very powerful Universal Healer!

Purging all the spiritual energies around me continues to improve my life all the time… It sends the very evil and disgusting people away from me… They cannot come close anymore! They are all gone from my world and as a  result, my world is improving tremendously for the good….

The scams are gone… I define a scam as a “spiritually created about money” activity… Those scam activities are over for me… Those people who were waiting to see me fall are falling all over themselves now… The scam activities have no affect on me whatsoever…. That is because  as I tell the truth about the scam activity in the public arena, I also purge out the fuel that makes it work… And believe me, those people who do scam activities are full of spiritual energy. And they feel it too when I do this purging… It is not a comfortable feeling to have your spiritual energies purged when you are a scam artist… It does not feel that good… In fact it feels like doomsday is approaching! And for them it is…

Yes, I am the witness who tells the truth and keeps telling the truth until all that remains is the truth…


September 23, 2015:

Wow, it was almost one year ago that I posted this!  I am still the witness. I tell the truth! I continue to document illegal activities which are still occurring unchecked and totally supported by the HOA in my neighborhood. I take pictures and document dates and times of illegal parking incidents… I am well aware of my rights… I know my rights are being violated by the HOA management… I just quietly and calmly continue to document what I see. It is clear that in the near future things are going to change… And I will be here to tell the good people in control what was done to me and my family… I have no problems telling the truth to anyone who will listen…

October 14, 2014:

I continue to document the illegal activities that are occurring and are being allowed to occur by the Meadow Park HOA. I continue to see illegal parking. This activity is going on all the time. It is being “allowed” by the current HOA management, but this is a sham, especially when an Owner in good standing objects….. The CC&Rs are strict about the parking rules. The CC&Rs can only be changed by a vote of the Owners. This vote never occurred so the current CC&R parking rules stand…. That is what a judge will say….

I also continue to see illegal renting. This is overwhelmingly the fault of the HOA management too. They have allowed Owners to continually rent out their rooms for whatever price they want to. This is not allowed per our CC&Rs. It is strictly forbidden. We could not buy our homes based on income from a future renter helping us qualify. We cannot run a business out of our homes. Renting out rooms is a business. It makes the Owner a  landlord….But the current HOA management allows it to go and on uninhibited…A judge will just shut down this totally corrupted and evil HOA….

Those deadbeat Owners who regularly do not pay their HOA fees will be told to leave. These deadbeat people are enabled to continue  to live here because of an inept group of people …They will not be able to continue to live in Meadow Park either…..

These issues in addition to the total lack of response regarding my complaint are going to be addressed legally now in a court by a judge.

This HOA con game is not going to continue here. 

I have been the witness to all of this illegal activity. I will stand before the judge and attest to everything I have seen. I have no problem telling the judge all about it..

Here is an excerpt from

You Can Take Legal Action

“If you have a major dispute and believe your HOA is out of line, you can take legal action. For example, the HOA might be asking that you take some action (or refrain from some action) that isn’t officially covered in the rules. It might be showing unfair favoritism to some homeowners over others.

Because an HOA is a legal entity, you can file a lawsuit against it and ask the court to get involved. A judge can order the HOA to obey its own rules. A court can even decide that a certain rule is unfair or unconstitutional and order it to be stricken or removed from the HOA governing documents.”

Stay tuned…